GuardianshipWhen a family member can no longer manage their own affairs and they did not create a power of attorney, Mary Louise Parker & Associates can assist their loved ones in filing for legal guardianship. For clients in Monroe and the surrounding counties of Northeast Pennsylvania, a guardianship allows one family member to make decisions for another who may be mentally disabled or incapacitated, protecting them from becoming a victim of fraud or theft.

Establishing Legal Guardianship

A guardianship is intended to protect the legal and financial interests of someone who cannot manage their own affairs. The power to make legal decisions on their behalf has a significant impact on their lives and a legal guardian must be appointed by a judge. The members of our firm are available to help clients through the guardianship process – from preparing all the paperwork needed to petition the court for guardianship, to presenting evidence and testimony detailing the reasons why the person in question requires their affairs to be managed.

Since guardianships can apply to minor children as well, the court will also consider the medical, educational, and daily living needs involved and how they will be secured. We also help clients with requests to appoint a guardian ad litem in divorces to represent the best interests of a child and other family law matters.

Guardianship Responsibilities

As someone’s legal guardian, you have the responsibility to direct the affairs of your ward, including making medical decisions on their behalf, paying bills and investing money, and buying or selling property. In addition, you are required by law to file an annual report each tax year, and there are several other complex tax and financial concerns that must be addressed. We represent you as guardian by helping prepare and file all the related legal and financial information.

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